Bioheat®: Revolutionizing the Fuel Oil Industry – Part 2

Part 2: Making a Positive Impact on Our Planet Bioheat isn’t just keeping RI residents warm; it’s also changed the way we look at the fuel oil industry. In this three-part series, we’ll take a look at how Bioheat is having a positive impact on the industry, the environment, and consumers. A Cleaner, Greener Home […]

Bioheat®: Revolutionizing the Fuel Oil Industry

Part 1: Inciting a Change for the Better Most people in the fuel oil industry are aware of the growing impact that the introduction of Bioheat has had on the industry as a whole. It’s benefitting the environment, changing consumer perception, and has sparked conversation from the dinner table to the White House—all for the […]

What is Bioheat®?

Bioheat® is traditional home heating oil blended with Biodiesel. To understand what makes Bioheat® the cleaner and renewable home heating oilfor now and the future, its important to understand the basics about Biodiesel. Courtesy of United Soybean Board What is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is a renewable energy resource made domestically from fatty acids found in soy […]

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