5 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money This Winter

If you’ve recently upgraded your boiler or furnace to a high-efficiency system, there are still plenty of ways to improve energy efficiency and save even more on your fuel costs this heating season. We’ve put together a list of modifications and low-cost updates you can make to your current system to get more for your dollar.

1. One of the easiest ways to conserve energy is by tuning up your equipment just once a year. Schedule a maintenance visit with your local energy provider before winter weather is here.

2. This winter, don’t worry about fidgeting with your thermostat day and night to achieve the comfort you’re looking for. Install a programmable thermostat which can adapt to your daily routine, adjust the inside temperature accordingly, and save you money.

3. If you have a boiler, add an aquastat boiler control to your system. This will help limit unnecessary operation so your system works only when it needs to.

4. If you have a furnace, seal your heating ducts to help warm air travel steadily from point A to point B without escape or interruption.

5. Replace old windows with ones that have the ENERGY STAR® seal of approval as another measure of insulation.

See how much all of this and more can save you this heating season!


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