Fears Mount Following the Latest Deadly Natural Gas Explosion

August 17th, 2017:

American Energy Coalition – August 17th, 2017

In the wake of another tragedy caused by a natural gas explosion – this time in a Minneapolis school, leaving at least one dead and seven injured – parents’ fears are mounting that it could be their own child’s school next.

Said one witness:

“We heard a man yell ‘gas!’ and ‘get out!’ and we saw one sprint down the street and one sprint into the building, kind of standing in the doorway, yelling it.”

Said another:

“About the time the man sprinting down the street got to the end down here there was a huge explosion. Smoke went up and knocked most of us back. It knocked me off my feet.”

It is well documented that in Minnesota there is a history of gas explosions. Perhaps the most infamous gas explosion in the Gopher State took place 19 years ago in St. Cloud, when a utility crew struck a gas line, killing four. Twenty-four years ago, three were killed in a corner grocery store, also when a crew struck a gas line.

Oftentimes aging infrastructure is to blame, while other times it’s a leaking water pipe that washes out a gas pipeline. No matter the reason, the fact is, this is a very serious and growing problem.

Back in April, we wrote about the growing fear among parents regarding gas pipelines underneath elementary schools in Pennsylvania. We are seeing this fear escalate across the country as more tragedies occur.

That’s why it’s important, now more than ever, for members in the Oilheat industry to spread awareness and speak out against the dangers of natural gas.

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