US Oil & Gas Resurgence Expected As Global Demand Grows

November 15th, 2017:

American Energy Coalition – November 15th, 2017

“Oil will continue growing as a source of energy for over two decades, with the U.S set to become the undisputed leader in crude and gas production, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Tuesday,” reports by the Associated Press.

“The report from the Paris based agency will come as grim news for officials attending global climate talks in Bonn, Germany, as they grapple with ways to contain carbon emissions,” the AP wrote.

According to the article, “Oil demand is forecast to keep rising until 2040, with natural gas growing by a sharp 40 percent.”

“A more widespread use of electric cars will not be enough to consign oil to the past,” said IEA Executive Director Faith Birol.

“Total energy demand is expected to have grown by 30 percent by 2040 – and would be growing twice that without efforts to improve energy efficiencies,” says the Associated Press.

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