Utility Calls for Elimination of Heating Oil in the Northeast, NEFI Responds

Earlier this week, a multinational gas and electric utility issued a white paper calling for the conversion of all five million oilheat homes in the Northeast to electric heat pumps or natural gas.

The paper also calls heating oil and propane “the most expensive and polluting heating fuels,” and suggests their share of the region’s space heating market be reduced to no more than 10 percent by 2030, down from an estimated 40 percent.

In response to the document, NEFI President & CEO Sean Cota issued the following statement:

“The claims made about heating oil in this document are completely unfounded and do not reflect recent achievements in efficiency and emissions reductions, nor do they recognize the important role this reliable and storable fuel plays in regional energy security.

“Across the Northeast, small Main Street businesses are now delivering a clean-burning low sulfur fuel that is blended with biodiesel, and competitive with natural gas and electricity in emissions and other environmental benefits.

“The infrastructure to deliver this cutting-edge fuel exists today — no new pipelines, transmission lines or heating system conversions are necessary to realize its benefits.”

NEFI will coordinate with state and local industry groups to make sure the media, public and policymakers at all levels of government are aware of the facts about today’s heating oil, which is clean-burning, efficient and increasingly renewable.

For more information, visit nefi.com or contact NEFI President & CEO Sean Cota at sean.cota@nefi.com or 617-924-1000.

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