July News Update

NORA Reauthorization

Last week, the Senate passed Farm Bill (H.R.2) that includes an amendment to permanently reauthorizing the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). ​

Paid Sick Leave
The new Healthy and Safe Families and Workplace Act (RIGL 28-57-1) provides that all employees employed by an employer of 18 or more employees in Rhode Island shall accrue a minimum of one hour paid sick and safe leave time for every 35 hours worked up wot a maximum of 24 hours during the calendar year of 2018; 32 hours during the calendar year 2019; and up to a maximum of 40 hours per year thereafter. Time shall begin to accrue at the commencement of employment or pursuant to the effective date of July 1, 2018, whichever is later.

Rhode Works and the RI Truck Toll Tax

Department of Transportation reported that some trucks are being charged more than the daily ceiling. Make sure to check your EZ Pass statement to make sure you have not been overcharged.

As of June 11th tolling has started in RI at the two of the 12 planned tolling sights. Tractor trailers and those in Class 8 and above will be tolled. Most tanker trucks in your fleets will not be tolled.

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