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The Energy Marketers Association of Rhode Island works hard to provide the most reliable and updated information to our members, helping them get the most value out of their enrollment in the association. Stay up to date on the latest heating industry information, upcoming events, and connections with similar companies in New England. Investing in a membership with EMARI will provide your heating company with unmatched value along with supporting the community and the fuel industry as a whole.


Upcoming Events

Participate with fellow EMARI members in conferences, educational meetings, trainings, and online and in-person events throughout the year. You can stay up to date on all upcoming events via this page on our website, which is updated regularly.


Benefits of Membership

We ensure that our members stay up to date on all the latest happenings, have an impact with local officials, make a positive impact on their communities, grow their businesses, and save money on a variety of products for their companies. Click the button below to view more in-depth details on why becoming a member can significantly help your RI energy company.


Board Members

Our board members are greatly appreciated, as they help to make important decisions regarding the association and its initiatives and endeavors. Click below to view a list of current executives and other members on the board of the Energy Marketers Association of Rhode Island.


EMARI Members

We appreciate the support of every EMARI member; please find links to all of their websites on our Member Listing page. If you become a member of the Energy Marketers Association of Rhode Island, your website will be listed among this esteemed group to help visitors of our website to find you.


Important Links

This collection of helpful and reputable liquid energy resources can be helpful to anyone running an energy and fuel delivery company in Rhode Island. Learn about local legislation, high-efficiency equipment rebates, neighboring states’ energy marketing associations, and more.


Click here if you’d like to become a member of EMARI and support the clean energy initiative in Rhode Island.

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