Women In Energy Webinar Wednesday

Women In Energy – Webinar Wednesday
February 20 @ 12:15 – 1:00pm
“What’s my Business Worth? Valuing a Retail Energy Business”


We can go on-line and find out what almost everything we own is worth from our house to our furniture.  One exception is the value of our largest asset, our business.

The purpose of the presentation is to show various methods of how retail fuel companies are valued.  Understanding that a stock gifting value has a different value than a fair market sale value can save family businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.  The same is true for C-Corp to S-Corp conversions.  In addition, a properly done cash flow valuation will give owners insights as to how to improve their businesses and create useful budgeting and measurement metrics to assist in process improvements. Valuations are a key tool to better understanding a business and they can be used by marketers for several purposes. To register for this webinar, click on this link.

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